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Within 7 days after the last visit to the casino, you can print according to the lost amount from

10 to 1000 GEL promo tickets from the "PRINCESS SCRATCH" machine. After the customer's card is placed in kiosk, on the screen automatically appears chests, consisting of three different colors, the colors are according to the players last visit loss. We present three different categories: Yellow colored boxes, between 10 and 100 GEL Promo ticket, Blue colored boxes, between 50 and 500 GEL Promo ticket, Red colored boxes between 100 and 1000 GEL Promo ticket. Promo tickets can be used only on slot machines, except for: (Electronic Roulette, EGYPT QUEST, DIAMOND LIFE and APEX Clover Link) If the lost amount does not exceed the minimum limit set the kiosk will not open any colored box.

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